Michael Chats About…

  1. What is instinctive and unconscious change?

  2. Why “awareness” might be a more accurate term than “consciousness”

  3. How many of our seemingly “conscious” activities may actually be “unconscious” or even better described as “pre-conscious”.

  4. When to deal with problems rationally or logically and when to deal with them “pre-consciously”.

  5. The importance of flexibility.

  6. How to go about learning the “full contact sport” of hypnosis.

About Michael

Michael Perez is a facilitator, coach and teacher living in Brussels, Belgium. Michael has been studying, using and developing methodologies in the fields of hypnosis and neurolinguistics for over three decades.

Michael melds traditional approaches from authoritarian and Ericksonian hypnosis, cognitive neuropsychology and neurolinguistic programming to help people with the process of change at a deep, unconscious and habitual level. Michael has worked with world record holding athletes, preeminent musicians and business leaders to help them improve both their performance and their life satisfaction.

Michael has been privileged to receive a number of accolades from his leading peers and is often referred to as a ‘walking encyclopaedia’ and an authority in his field.

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