James Chats About…

  1. Hypnosis & cocaine?!?!

  2. The impact of ‘Virtual Reality’ and ‘AI’ on the future of therapy.

  3. Who has responsibility for change?

  4. The missing information… what many training schools fail to mention.

  5. Sometimes just giving people the skill to change is NOT enough.

  6. The business to consumer model of therapy – keeping things consistent.

  7. Why ‘hope’ is not good enough.

  8. Creating compliance BEFORE they come through the door.

About James Mallinson

James is the co-founder of Fix My Mind with David Shephard.

He’s a full-time therapist who has worked with thousands of clients using a blend of Hypnotherapy, NLP, TFT & Havening.  He is known to get very successful results and is approaching 100 5-star reviews for his work.

Prior to becoming a therapist, James had a multi-award winning career in the media industry, where he worked in senior management roles on leading global brands.

After having a life-changing experience with hypnotherapy in 2006, a light-bulb was switched on and James began his retraining soon afterwards.

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